La-Tee-Da Fragrance Lamp Fuel 32oz Evening Whisper Lavender

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Evening Whisper, soft calming lavender, perfect for master suites, guest rooms, and anywhere you like to relax.

EVENING WHISPER calming, a summer evening in Provence, French lavender & meadow flowers, dry down soft & powdery

La Tee Da Home Fragrance 32 ounce bottle of oil fuel refill for effusion fragrancing lamps.
  • La Tee Da fragrance fuel is a blend of essential scented oils in high grade isopropol alcohol. (flammable: use only in effusion fragrance lamps with a wick-stone). Fragrance lamps use about 1 ounce of fuel per hour.

  • California: fragrance fuels are not CARB law compliant and cannot be shipped to CA. 

  • La-Tee-Da AromaLume Fragrance Elixirs and Warmer Potions are VOC & CARB compliant and can ship to CA.

ADORE - Tangerine Flower - fruit & floral blend of tangerine, white peach, white lilac

BAJA BOOGALOO – Tropical Liqueur - Pina Colada with black raspberry, plum and dark vanilla bean 

BEACHFRONT CABANA - Seashore & Musk - fresh seashore, white grapefruit crisp lemon bergamot heart green floral base sweet tobacco

EVENING WHISPER - Luxurious Lavender - summer evening in Provence, French lavender and meadow flowers, dry down soft & powdery

FRONT PORCH - Sandalwood - warming balsamic blend of hard woods with a soothing undertone of vanilla bean 

IDYLLIC REFUGE - Cinnamon Apple - fresh ground cinnamon sprinkled on crisp, tart green apples with a warm aromatic base of a long lasting vanilla

MOJO - Forbidden Hemp - deep, earthy botanicals enriched with spice and herb nuances - draped in the mystic lushness of the darkest bayou 

MONOGRAMMED LINENS – Lavender-Moss- rich lavender and herbal moss essences will relax and center you with their natural properties

NOW & ZEN - Exotic Spice - combines baby pumpkin, ginger and warm hay with a crackling spritz of fresh peppercorns with dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg

POTTING SHED - Flowering Herbs - garden bouquet of fresh tangerine green apples with leafy green herbs and lilies. Base of cedar musk 

SQUEAKY CLEAN - Crisp Cotton - nostalgic aroma of clean linens dried on a fresh breezy day. Soft, clean hints of lemon, lily, and violet

TAHITIAN PEARLS - Black Coral & Nectarine - lush, fruity floral, sweet juicy nectarines, whispers of jasmine, ylang and tuberose

TURN DOWN SERVICE - White Cashmere & Sandalwood - soft clean linen and rosewood, heart of violet & cashmere base, sandalwood musk 

TWO TO TANGO - Juicy Mango Slices - notes of mango fruit & sweet cream, hint of citrus, just a touch of spice

fragrance fuel refill in 32oz bottle
Many more fragrances in 16oz size