La-Tee-Da Fragrance Lamp Fuel Turn Down Service 32-oz

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Turn Down Service is a soft clean linen fragrance, perfect for master suites, guest rooms, and anywhere you like to relax.

TURN DOWN SERVICE - White Cashmere & Sandalwood - soft clean linen and rosewood, heart of violet & cashmere base, sandalwood musk 

La Tee Da Home Fragrance Turn Down Service 32 ounce bottle of oil fuel refill for effusion fragrancing lamps.
  • La Tee Da fragrance fuel is a blend of essential scented oils in high grade isopropol alcohol.

    (flammable: use only in effusion fragrance lamps with a wick-stone).

    Fragrance lamps use about 1 ounce of fuel per hour.

  • California: fragrance fuels are not CARB law compliant so cannot be shipped to CA.


fragrance fuel 32oz bottle