La-Tee-Da Home Fragrance Warmer Potion 8oz Refill

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La-Tee-Da! Home Fragrance Potion for ceramic electric warmers.

  • La-Tee-Da fragrance potion is a water-based liquid fragrance for warmers that maintains strong scent clarity. Note that 1/2 ounce of potion provides 3 to 5 hours of fragrancing.

  • The liquid gradually dehydrates down to a thin film that is easily wiped from the warmer dish.

  • The electric warmer has a 25-watt bulb with a variable setting for low and high heat to dispense the fragrance at your preferred intensity.  Light bulb can be replaced.

  • Potion warmer fragrances are VOC and CARB compliant for shipping to California.

  • EVENING WHISPER - Luxurious Lavender - summer evening in Provence, French lavender and meadow flowers, dry down soft & powdery

  • SQUEAKY CLEAN - Crisp Cotton - nostalgic aroma of clean linens dried on a fresh breezy day. Soft, clean hints of lemon, lily, and violet

  • TAHITIAN PEARLS - Black Coral & Nectarine - lush, fruity floral, sweet juicy nectarines, whispers of jasmine, ylang and tuberose

8-ounce bottle
VOC and CARB compliant for shipping to California