Trail of Painted Ponies Dream Warriors Figurine

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Painted Ponies Dream Warriors figurine is handpainted ceramic designed by Ross Lampshire. 

“My best designs come to me when I am quiet”, says Colorado artist Ross Lampshire, perhaps best known as a rodeo photographer and potter. 

“An image or idea enters my mind almost as a whisper… and fast takes on a life of its own.” 

Inspired by written accounts of Sitting Bull’s dreams prior to battle, Ross had his own dream one night of Sitting Bull silhouetted against a full moon with clouds parting, as if in search of a vision. 

Working in a stylized manner, Ross has created a dramatic, powerful and flowing design that honors this famous Sioux chief.

figurine is 7"L x 2.5"W x 7"H
Retired, new in box, 2E edition